Plan a Holiday Dinner Party That Will Blow Your Friends Away!

The holidays are a time of celebration, whether you’re placing presents under the tree, lighting the menorah, or putting up the Festivus pole.  It’s also the time of year we want to share with the people we love the most, including family and friends.  What better way to join in celebrating this magical season than with a spectacular holiday dinner party?

You could go traditional with a turkey or ham, but instead of relying on familiarity and nostalgia, you might want to kick your feasting up a notch with the help of an innovative Asheville catering service, some live entertainment, and creative décor that’s sure to wow.  Don’t let your holiday party become a footnote – make it a celebration that will set the benchmark for years to come!  Here’s how to pull off the party of the season.

Start Early

For most people, a holiday schedule quickly fills up with family feasts, work functions, school events, and other festivities, so if you don’t want your dinner party to be a dud, you need to make sure you lock down your date and let your guests know well in advance.  A good rule of thumb is to send out invitations up to six weeks before your party.

This may seem excessive, but considering how hectic the holidays can be, it’s not a bad idea to get your RSVPs in early.  While paper invitations are nice, you might want to save some trees (and some time) by sending out Evites instead.  It’s easier for your guests to respond and for you to track responses and follow up this way.  Planning early will also give you plenty of time to book a venue if your home isn’t big enough to host all your friends.

Nail Down Holiday Dining Innovations

If you’ve spent the last few years frantically cooking, cleaning, and running between the kitchen and the party while all your friends celebrate in your absence, this is the year to leave the hassles behind and hire help.  A corporate and wedding catering service can do all the heavy lifting for you so you can actually enjoy your party, and sample a haute cuisine menu, to boot.

Whether you’re looking for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, a full catered dinner, small bite dessert platters, or one or more food stations (taco bar, tapas bar, biscuit bar, Asian wraps, Caribbean delights, and more), your preferred Asheville catering service can deliver, and even provide full service wait staff, if you don’t feel like circulating around your party with a tray.

At any dinner party, the food is the main attraction, so you really need to nail it if you want to impress your guests and throw a memorable soiree.  The right catering service can offer the dining innovation you seek, the help you need to make sure everyone is well-fed, and the peace of mind that your holiday party will go off without a hitch.  People will forgive a lot (dismal weather, dull entertainment, and other snafus) if the food is delectable.

Consider Entertainment Options

The average holiday party at home might consist of simple entertainments like movies, board games, or singing carols.  You might just let people mingle and chat with holiday tunes playing in the background.  If you want to kick it up a notch, however, you could hire some mobile entertainment.  The average home isn’t ideal for a band to play, so if you want to go this route, renting a larger venue is wise.

However, you could also hire a magician or comedian to entertain guests, or book a fun activity like drag queen bingo.  Some people like to hire psychics or hypnotists for adult parties, but there’s no telling how this might go.  If you want to get people drinking and dancing, a DJ might be a better option.

Get Your Décor in Order

Now that you’ve got your local wedding catering service in place and you’ve chosen suitable entertainment, it’s time to get your house or alternate venue prepped for the party.  Décor can be in keeping with the holiday you celebrate, it can represent a variety of holidays for inclusiveness, or you can go with a theme of some sort if you happen to have a relatively non-denominational group of friends (or you simply don’t want to argue over holiday décor).

With enough time and planning, you should be able to create a truly spectacular experience for your guests and give them a holiday memory they’ll never forget.  Contact the professionals at Dining Innovations today at 828-210-2220 for expert advice and assistance in planning a holiday party that will blow your friends away.

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