3 Reasons to Have an Open Bar at Your Asheville Wedding or Event

Venue and décor: Check!

Food: Check!

Drinks…ummm…You just can’t decide.

Only beer and wine? A full bar—and if so, cash or open?

We get it. Let us help.

We’ve been in the catering business for more than a decade. That means we’ve been to more than our fair share of events, from casual outdoor weddings to formal indoor weddings, backyard birthday parties to bat mitzvahs, business conferences to surprise anniversary celebrations. You get the idea. While no two weddings or parties are ever exactly alike, we can say that many event organizers and planners all make the same choice: to have an open bar. We can also say that those who do are almost always happy they did—and report happy guests, too.

Here, three reasons our clients have told us why they think offering an open bar is a great choice.

  • There’s something for everyone, regardless of preference or dietary restrictions.   
    Your grandpa Joe only drinks Scotch. Your cousin Mary is doing the paleo diet thing—absolutely no gluten can touch her lips these days. Your buddy Brandy’s cheeks flush bright red at merely the sight of wine and its sulfites. And you’ve got people coming that you don’t know that well, so you have no idea what they like to or can even safely enjoy. An open bar ensures you’ve got something for absolutely everyone. At Dining Innovations, our catered bar options include domestic beers, imported and craft beers, wines and sparkling wines, house and premium liquors plus mixings, specialty cocktails, bloody mary and mimosa fixins, you name it! Of course, we’ve got non-alcoholic options as well.
  • It’s a great way to say thanks. If you’ve got guests flying all the way across the country for your Asheville wedding or old friends driving in from states away to surprise your husband on his retirement, an open bar is a subtle way to say thanks. It says that they’ve had to do a lot to be there and be a part of the celebration, so the drinks are on you.    
  • It makes the guests happy—and ready to party down. We’ve never heard a guest say they were disappointed to encounter an open bar. Now, we definitely aren’t saying people should get drunk anytime they feel a bit nervous in a social setting, and we’re certainly not suggesting that alcohol is necessary for a good time. BUT, access to drinks can definitely help keep the party going, ensuring guests easily mix and mingle, engage in conversation, and, of course, hit the dance floor for maybe a little running man or, everyone’s favorite, the sprinkler.

We’re proud to be one of the few fully licensed caterers in Western North Carolina that can buy, sell, and serve alcohol. We offer a variety of options to satisfy your budget; an open bar doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. And, we can bring the bar to you no matter where you’re holding your event. That’s right, we can take our open bar out on the open road! Whether you’re getting married in the park or throwing a bash on the beach—far from the traditional event space with fixed bar locations throughout—we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call today at (828) 210-2220 to ask about our open bar options, including our mobile bar. Or, visit dininginnovationsavl.com/contact-us and submit your inquiry online; we’ll get back with you before you can say, “Cheers!” You can also click here for a list of our catered bar packages.

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