Choosing a Corporate Event Caterer: 5 Important Factors to Consider

There are many elements involved in throwing an immersive and memorable corporate event, whether you’re hosting a seminar, a charity fundraiser, a launch party, or a holiday shindig.  To some extent, the event and the guest list (employees, media, investors, or the general public, for example) will dictate your choices, but you definitely have to select a suitable venue and make sure you have adequate staffing to manage your event.

Of course, you may also need to provide food options for guests, from snacks or cocktails to a full, five-course meal.  This means you have to find a suitable caterer for your event.  How can you go about choosing a corporate and wedding catering service that will meet all of your needs?  Here are a few important factors to consider when you start comparison shopping.

An Available Corporate and Wedding Catering Service

It doesn’t matter which caterer you choose if they’re already booked for the dates of your event.  You might have a preferred caterer that you’ve used in the past or a short list of potential candidates in mind, but if your first choice (or your top three) aren’t available, it’s back to the drawing board.  For this reason, you should have a ready list of caterers you’re interested in and the first thing you should ask is if they’re available on your chosen dates.

Impressive Dining Innovations

The main thing your caterer will provide is food, so once you know a vendor is available, you’ll want to look at their menu options.  Part of hosting any event is providing an engaging and satisfying experience to impress guests.  The caterer you choose should offer an exciting menu to surprise and delight your guests.

You may not want to go crazy with the food options, but neither do you necessarily want to play it safe with traditional choices that guests have had a thousand times at other corporate events.  Look for a caterer that offers innovative recipes and a variety of options that allow you to wow your event guests with the food selection.

Flexible Options

Offering flexibility allows some caterers to outshine their competitors, and this could apply to menus, staffing, and extras like needed table service, just for example.  In terms of menus, you’ll want to make sure that a caterer is willing to accommodate dietary restrictions and special diets.  It seems like everyone has some kind of food allergy these days, so you naturally want to make sure accommodations can be made to avoid illness.

Then there are special diets like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more that are becoming more and more prevalent.  Having options available for these types of dietary restrictions will definitely impress guests that follow said diets.  However, some caterers aren’t keen to make special orders, and you may have to go out of your way to find the menu options that suit your guest list.

You should also look for a variety of menu types for your particular event.  Are you planning sit-down meal service like a full dinner?  Maybe you want to offer breakfast or lunch options like nosh bars, box lunches, or coffee kiosks.  Perhaps you’re hosting a cocktail hour.  Or you might want to spice things up with a variety of food stations for guests to sample.  The more options available, the greater chance to fill your needs and impress your guests.

Some caterers can offer you additional benefits like service staff for your event, or even extra resources like tables and chairs, table settings, linens, and so on.  If your venue doesn’t provide these options and you’d rather get everything in one place (as opposed to hiring a separate party rentals company to provide furniture and a service staffing agency for servers), simply see if your caterer offers these amenities, or if they at least subcontract to another vendor for such services.


This may not be your first priority, but the bottom line is always an important factor when selecting vendors for your corporate events.  Sure, you want high quality dining innovations, but you also need to stick to your approved budget, and this means comparison shopping to find the best goods and services at the best price.

A Reputable Asheville Catering Service

You definitely want a reputable and reliable partner to cater your event, which is why you should take the time to search for a well-reviewed Asheville catering service.  When you need a trusted and accommodating catering service for your upcoming corporate event, contact Dining Innovations at 828-210-2220 or online to get started.

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